The following are comments from our past guests; due to practical reasons it is not possible to keep this page updated. 
At the end of their stay we ask our guests for their opinion on Torre Del Fondo Farm Holidays: 94% declare themselves very to completely satisfied! 


"We were passing through and decided to stop for a few more days: Torre is extremely beautiful…and so are Ferrara and Ravenna"

Cosimo and Annamaria from Taranto,



"Fascinating set-up. We also really appreciated the freedom the managers left us with. We await the catering service and swimming pool. See you next time"

Andrea, Luisa, Francesco, Francesca, Federico and Antonietta from Milan



"We wanted to stay near Bologna and the location of Torre is excellent: you can easily get there in thirty minutes on the motorway. The journey is well worth it for the relaxation...Ferrara is also very beautiful"

Claudia, Cristina and Roberto from Monza



"We often come to Ferrara and Torre Del Fondo Farm Holidays was a pleasant surprise, we shall definitely return here"

Giuseppe, Chiara, Marco and Simone from Pavia



"Excellent interiors, extremely beautiful building. The location is not bad at all. We strongly recommend going to the affiliated restaurants: excellent cuisine at low prices…Happy Holidays to everyone!"

Marco and Annalisa from Padua



"We would have liked to stay a few more days...we shall definitely return; excellent area, breakfast would have been nice"

Filippo and Chiara from Pesaro



We wanted to visit Ferrara and the whole of Emilia Romagna and Torre is perfectly placed to do so. The interiors are most attractive and the associated restaurants excellent"

Alessandra and Katia from Rome



"We recommend it to everyone, thank you and see you soon!"

Gilberto and Serena from Roma



"I spent 12 days in Ferrara for work and Torre Del Fondo really was the ideal solution: excellent location and value for money"

Chiara from Venice



"Everything is wonderful and the environment of the room is very tasteful and classy.  Torre Del Fondo is built in an ingenious way with great feeling.  We intended to get to know Emilia Romagna and Torre was our beautiful base.
The photo’ of Torre Del Fondo on its web site is faithful to the truth

Stephan Adam and Sonia from Vienna, Austria



"I greatly appreciated every aspect of my stay at Torre Del Fondo. The excellent restructuring of the building which was formerly inhabited by the master provides the guest with every home comfort and the opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity which is characteristic of the farmhouses of the Po Valley.
In the surrounding district you can go for beautiful walks or bike rides; its close proximity to Ferrara enables you to reach the centre in a few minutes. Many thanks to the staff for their warm welcome

Filippo from Pavia



"Very good, peaceful, nothing to take exception to hygienically speaking and well equipped with main comforts"

Saverio and Arnaldo from Rome



"Stay in the height of relaxation; also appropriate for bikers: motorbikes safe under cover. Thanks for everything"

Rosanna and Mario



"An excellent location and a warm and charming environment…a catering service would make it perfect"

Christian and Ernestina from Milan



"We had a pleasant stay; the set-up, being immersed in the countryside as it is, is particularly relaxing"

Pamela and Andrea



" It was an enjoyable experience that we should love to repeat"

Roberto and Pasquale from Guidonia (near Rome)



"A very pleasant environment near Ferrara. A place which is perfect for those who love tranquillity"

Heinz Bogatzzi from Germany



"Undoubtedly positive. Excellent geographic setting, availability of the managers, preparation of the flat and services offered.
Although I was a guest at the Farm Holidays centre for work reasons, I was able to relax as much as possible during my stay when I did not have to work.
So particular thanks must go to the company which employs me, for having found me such pleasant and unusual accommodation (on the occasion of working away).
Definitely an experience to be repeated

Mauro, IT consultant from Pavia



"Peaceful surroundings and strategic location"

Eugenio from Leffe (Belgium)



"The locality is extremely beautiful, with a splendid panorama, peaceful area around 10 minutes from Ferrara. Warm welcome, comfortable, homely, beautiful room, tastefully furnished. Ideal for a cultural holiday and relaxing at the same time. Good quality for money. Thanks Nicola!"

Salvatore and Sabrina from Udine



"Our overall judgement is very good. The rooms are welcoming, tidy and very clean. The outdoor areas, which we did not make use of as our stay was so short, are remarkable."

Tiziano, Alessandra and Simone from Milan



"Congratulations, high standard! You’ve set off on the right foot."

S and L Luchini from Borga, Lucca



Very positive opinion: it is a set-up where every last detail is taken care of, equipped with refined furnishings whilst at the same time respecting the original style of the Torre. The Farm Holiday centre is surrounded by relaxing countryside and has the great advantage of being only a few kilometres from Ferrara, a destination which must be seen."

Donatella and Raffaele from Como



"The complex has just been restructured and is well-kept. The rooms are very comfortable and equipped with all the essentials. Well connected, ideal to explore a bit of Emilia Romagna. P.S If you manage to find the restaurant "Le Civette" try it. It’s worth it...rather dear but  divine!"

Francesco and Francesca from Rome



"Situated in an excellent area (peaceful, in an area which is isolated but strategic because it is just a short distance from Ferrara). Great potential for the future (neighbouring buildings to be restructured, other services such as typical cuisine, mountain biking etc. to be put in place).  Ideal place for a relaxing holiday far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Positive due to its ability to recreate a homely environment."

Naty and Max from Udine




The Austro-Hungarian from Udine